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Four Android Games You Never Knew Existed

Welcome to our new list of trending Android games. We have done our research on which games are currently trending in the playstore. And the result?  A comprehensive list of top games that’s suitable for both adult and kids. The listing is random and does not follow any hierarchy. We understand that some of you may not share our opinion and thoughts. Please feel free to express yours via the comment box.

Superstar BTS

First on our list is superstar BTS Android Game. A relatively new game that has surprisingly performed well. I know a lot of you folks did not see this one come. But be rest assured that superstar BTS has earned its spot on our list of five coolest android games of all times. You can improve the functionality of the game by hacking superstar BTS. Once you find and apply latest and working superstar BTS hack and cheats tool, all the premium features and coins become accessible freely.

Hore Hero

score hero gameWatch Football Fans: The Totally free Mobile Game Score! Hero brings the round leather to the smartphone. In more than 540 diverse levels you kick within this game for football heroes. The matches are divided into individual rounds, in order that with precise passes, pinpoint flanks or powerful free-kicks the opponent passes, round right after round against the opposing aim. Now only a goal-accurate shot is missing in goal as well as the victory is inside attain.

Generally, the fluid gameplay along with the dynamic 3D graphics ensure an attractive gaming expertise. More motivation is provided by personalization possibilities for one’s personal football player. Its look is usually individually developed. Then you can invest your football chic football boots and also the suitable shirt number. So you are visually match for a steep career correct down towards the virtual national group.

Subway Surfers

playing subway surfersSurfing the ocean is well known. At the Game Subway Surfer, on the other hand, you dive in to the metropolitan underground and slip into the part of a subway surfers. On a stylish surfboard the player darts along the subway tracks at a daring pace and tries on acrobatic tricks. At the same time, it is essential to evade responsive oncoming trains and to become around the alert in front with the nasty rail inspector and his guard dog. If one is caught by one of the two, a single immediately finds oneself inside a rapid chase once again.

Especially nice will be the 3D graphics, which tends to make the colorful cityscapes an extremely lively impression. By collecting coins on the surf routes, you’ll be able to also obtain diverse extra items.

Traffic Rider

traffic rider gameIn the Smartphone Game Traffic Rider you expertise thrilling motorcycle races in the first person perspective in an extraordinary graphics. Whether within the city or on highways and highways – the game atmosphere with day and night transform is impressively realistic and rich in detail! You can find as much as 26 distinct motorcycles to select from, so you may race over the black asphalt. These may be progressively upgraded to genuine racing cars just after the first race successes later within the game.

Through the career mode, you’ll be able to comprehensive the path from newbie to legendary specialist racer in more than 70 missions. The engine sound recorded by actual motorcycles conveys an genuine racing atmosphere. You’ll be able to also compare to on line leaderboards with players around the world.


Riddle good friends with a soft spot for the colorful underwater planet will get their money’s worth inside the 3-in-ace game Fishdom. This is a particularly wonderful and detail-loving designed mobile game based around the preferred Match-3 principle. In the heart from the game are varied 3-in-a-row levels, where a minimum of three identical symbols – all sea-related in this game – have to be combined in a row. For right combinations you get reward points.

The motivational factor of the game is the fact that it is possible to put with each other with the collected points his person dream aquarium with all imaginable sea creatures. Countless 3D fish and decorative objects make every underwater globe so particular. In the course of a break between games, you’ll be able to watch your very own marine life within the great 3D underwater planet.