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Interesting Android Games Worth Playing in 2019

The year 2018 was a great year in the mobile gaming industry. There were lots of new games that developers introduced into the different play stores. Some only had a short lifespan other grew and became a force to contend with. Most of the games in 2018 Transend it’s livelihood into 2019. In today’s edition, we will reviewing some of the Android and iOS games that has made it into 2019. By making it into 2019, we are referring to games whose downloads has not witnessed any decline.

These are games that people are still crazy about playing. Some of the games we will discuss you may have already known some you may not. So, it is important that you stick with us to the end of this article. Why? There is a whole lot of reasons why you would want to stick around to the end of the article. For one, you may discover an interesting game that you never knew existed.

Five Mobile Games Still Trending in 2019


RobloxYea, even a person that is blind could have seen the ROBLOX game coming miles away. Roblox has continued to received tremendous downloads from fans and other gamers across the globe. The game currently has over 100 million in active download. We are anticipating 20% increase in total download by the end of 2019. The facts are hard to be ignored here.

For those not aware, Roblox is a multiplayer game with lots of amazing and addictive features. In our opinion, the ability to get free robux is by far the most important and favorited attributes of the game. the developers of the amazing game make things even more interesting by taking it step further to allow users to share free robux with other players globally.

Are you already an active Roblox player? If yes, then please don’t hesitate to share your opinion and experience with us. Is this your first-time hearing about Roblox? If yes, then we encourage you to download, install and give the game a trial. You will be surprise at how you quickly get addicted to ROBLOX.

Kick the Buddy

kick the buddy hackWhile kick the buddy may not as popular and well-known as Roblox, it still has amazing statistics that makes it hard (if not impossible) to be ignored. We wont be surprise if most you guys are just hearing about the game now. Hey! Remember that discovering games you never knew existed was one of the reasons we recommend sticking around till the end!

Kick the buddy is a strategy game where players are allowed to use diverse weapons within their disposal to fight against strange and supernatural powers. Weapons within players disposal include; Bombs. Automatic Rifles, Nuclear Bombs, Rockets, and Grenades. However, when first starting out, those weapons may not be readily available. Invariably, you will be required to perform some upgrades before you can access those premium options. However, you could also unlock those premium kick the buddy features by making use of Kick the buddy hack and cheats tools that are readily available online. Use the hacks for kick the buddy is pretty easy and self-explanatory. You simply must follow the instructions laid down on the resource page and you will be fine.

Asphalt 9

asphalt 9 gameYes, the popular car racing game has made it on our list of best trending mobile games in 2019. It is practically impossible for anybody that has been an active gamer not to hear about Asphalt racing game. kids and the car freaks are crazy about Asphalt racing game because of the cool features it brings to the table. For example, players can choose from an array of top car brands including Audi, Lamborghini, Ferrari. BMW, Benz and a lot more. That’s not all! You also get the option to customize your chosen car to your taste and racing needs.